191080 XC-303-C32-002

XC303 modular PLC, small PLC, programmable CODESYS 3, SD Slot, USB, 3x Ethernet, 2x CAN, RS485, four digital inputs/outputs
Eaton Catalog No.
With the XC-303, Eaton offers a high-performance and flexible control system that makes it possible for machinery and equipment manufacturers to achieve a streamlined and modern automation concept in combination with the compact XN300 I/O system and the innovative XV300 multi-touch panel. Ethernet interfaces for connection to different networks paired with standard CAN and RS485 interfaces expand the functions of the XC-303 into a universal data and communication point for networked equipment. The communicative compact controller is CODESYS 3 programmable, supports WEB visualization in HTML5 format and the OPC-UA server ensures data exchange in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Up to 32 modules of the XN300 I/O system allow for connection as local I/O levels. The following interfaces are included in this version: USB, microSD, 3x Ethernet, 2x CAN and RS485 and 4x digital inputs/outputs