General specifications
Product name
Eaton xEffect SASY 60i busbar support
Part no.
Product Length/Depth
25 millimetre
Product height
140 millimetre
Product width
210 millimetre
Product weight
0.48 kilogram
CSA-C22.2 No. 14
CE marking
IEC 60439-1
UL CSA09 (refer to approbation report)
RoHS conform
UL (Category Control Number NMTR, NMTR7)
CSA (Class No. 3211-37)
North America (UL listed, CSA certified)
CSA (File No. 236217)
VDE 0660 Part 500, IEC/EN 61439-2
UL (File No. E300273)
Product Tradename
xEffect SASY 60i
Product Type
Busbar system component
Product Sub Type
Busbar support
Delivery program
60 mm system
System for profile busbars
Light gray (RAL 7035)
Number of poles
Technical Data - Electrical
Voltage rating
690 V
Voltage rating (UL CSA 13)
Max. 600 V AC
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)
3000 V
Current rating - max
1600 A
Current rating (peak withstand)
72 kA (500 mm²)
87 kA (720 mm²)
Rated uninterrupted current of conductor
1281 A (720 mm², Tu=35 °C and Ts=65 °C)
1003 A (500 mm², Tu=35 °C and Ts=65 °C)
Rated operation current (Ie)
1600 A
Short-circuit duration
20 ms
Frequency rating
50 Hz / 60 Hz
Frequency rating of contacts
50 Hz / 60 Hz
Creepage resistance
CTI 200
Technical Data - Mechanical
Mounting position
Vertical, horizontal
Thermoplast, silicon free, chlorine free
Halogen free
Degree of protection
Feeder circuits
Distance between busbar centers
60 mm
Distance between busbar supports
500 mm
Busbar distance
60 mm
Busbar temperature - max
70 °C
Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439 - technical data
Temperature resistance
Up to 120 °C
Additional information
Self-extinguishing acc. UL 94
Halogen free
Flammability characteristics (UL)
Self-extinguishing (UL 94)
Current limiting circuit breaker, refer to approbation report
Busbar support
Double T profile busbar carrier
Special features
Suitable for outside and middle carrier
With screw block inside
Suitable for
Used with
Double T profile
Feeder circuits
60 mm system
System for profile busbars

Technical data ETIM 9.0

Energy distribution systems (EG000015) / Busbar support (EC001166)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Electrical insulation and connecting material / Energy distribution system / Busbar carrier (ecl@ss13-27-40-06-07 [ACO377016])
Number of poles
Max. rated current
1600 A
Busbar distance
60 mm