Delivery program

Product range
Fuse Bases
Basic function
Fuse bases 1 pole
For gauge ring (gauge screw:/FORMP)
Can be snap fitted on top-hat rail to IEC/EN 60715 (35 mm)
Number of poles
1 pole
Rated operational current [Ie]
63 A
Rated operational voltage [Ue ]
690 V AC
Fuse cartridge
E33, DIII Size
Information about equipment supplied
Gauge rings/gauge screws, fuse-links and fuse caps not included as standard not included

Technical data

Load carrying capacity of fuse enclosures taking into account the derating factors to IEC/EN 60439 and VDE 0660 Part 500 and Part 504, and the cross-sections of the incoming cable.
StandardsFuse bases: S27(-1), S33(-1)
VDE 0636
CEE 16
StandardsProtective covers
VDE 0636
StandardsGauge ring system
DIN 49326
DIN 49327
DIN 49524
StandardsRS27 (33)-3/FORMP gauge screw system
DIN 49510
Ambient temperature
-5 - +25 (+40, where annual and 24-hour mean value ≦ 35) °C
Mounting position
As required
Rated uninterrupted current [Iu]
63 A
Rated operational voltage [Ue]
690 V AC
Creepage and clearance distances
VDE 0636 Part 31
Current heat loss per contact at rated uninterrupted current Iu
7.5 W
Terminal capacitiesSolid
2.5 - 16 mm2
Terminal capacitiesFlexible with ferrule
1.5 - 25 mm2

Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439

Operating ambient temperature min.
-25 °C
Operating ambient temperature max.
+55 °C

Technical data ETIM 6.0

Circuit breakers and fuses (EG000020) / D-system fuse base (EC000094)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Electrical installation, device / Safety fuse systems / Diazed fuse base (ecl@ss8.1-27-14-21-03 [AFZ802011])
Number of poles
Construction size
Fitted screw
Version with cover
Mounting method
DIN rail
Nominal rated voltage
690 V
Nominal rated current
63 A


(…) = S33